Declaration of the 2nd African Women in Film Forum
Accra, Ghana
25 September 2013


Having met at the African Regent Hotel, Accra, at the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), 2nd African Women in Film Forum held 23rd to the 25th of September 2013, on the theme “Creating compelling social justice content for film and television” -

Having deliberated on the state of African women in African filmmaking today and

1. Recognising the funding challenges and disparities faced by African women filmmakers in sourcing funding for our work;

  1. 2.Acknowledging the need to develop our capacity in writing for the big screen or television in order to tell our stories;

  1. 3.Recognising the need for increased collaboration between ourselves in order to produce successful and competitive products;

  1. 4.Reaffirming the need for continuous capacity building and enhanced skills transfer to foster the above products;

  1. 5.Increasingly aware of the need to harmonise our diversity in the field of cultural production with respect to language and other factors;

  1. 6.Reaffirming the need to enhance distribution and exhibition opportunities for our projects;

  1. 7.Deeply concerned that the media represent a social voice and position of authority so that that which appears in the media is socially empowered.

That which does not appear in the media is socially disempowered with the result that mainstream moving images and media work to continue the subjugation of women, and particularly of African women.

We, the participants resolve to:

Found a Pan-African organisation of African Women Filmmakers that is action oriented and product oriented that will commit to:

  1. a.Alleviate the funding challenges experienced by African women filmmakers,

  1. b.Develop the capacity of African women filmmakers to write for the big screen or television in order to tell their stories,

  1. c.Encourage the collaboration between African women in order to produce successful and competitive products,

  1. d.Enhance capacity building and skills transfer in the area of production,

  1. e.Harmonise our diversity in the f ield of cultural production with respect to language and other factors in order to enhance our production capacity for the big screen and television,

  1. f.Enhance distribution and exhibition opportunities for our projects

  1. g.Always recognising, and as far as possible, working with other institutions with a track record in the above fields as they apply to African women

  1. h.Charge AWDF to

  1. i.Facilitate the formation of the above-mentioned body of African women filmmakers by facilitating a meeting of representatives, [i.e., selected interested individuals] within the ensuing six months

  1. j.Facilitate the creation of a database of resources of African women in film for African women in film, also taking into account such resources that already exist

  1. k.Facilitate our capacity building processes in the above-mentioned areas

  2. l.Support the setting up of a revolving fund to assist African women filmmakers

in their work

We acknowledge AWDF and its partners for their support.

We appreciate the interest and involvement of AWDF and staff in the activities

of the programme.

Done in Ghana on this 25th day of September 2013, on behalf of all participants by:

Nanahemaa Awindor (Ghana), Beti Ellerson (USA) Tsitsi Dangarembga (Zimbabwe)

*This Declaration was drawn from the Manifesto presented by Tsitsi Dangarembga (Zimbabwe), Beti Ellerson (USA), Seipati Bulani-Hopa (South Africa) to the Conference of African Women Filmmakers, Johannesburg South Africa, 3 September 2010.