Vues d’Afrique: Colloque Images de Femmes, 1989

In April 1989 the Montreal-based film festival Vues d'Afrique organized a special section devoted to African women in the visual media.  The program consisted of: 1) a screening of short and feature length films, television shows, and video programs produced and directed by African women; 2) a discussion of the on-screen image of women and the influence of the media; 3) a colloquium on the role of African women in the audiovisual media which included a survey of the participants' assessment of the current situation and their recommendations.

The objectives of the colloquium were: 1) to plan specific projects for exchanges, training programs, and professional cooperation with African women to develop in the film, television, and audio-visual sectors; 2) to have an ongoing discussion between Canadian officials at the Office of Canadian Film and Television and African women film directors, technicians, and actors regarding the ways that the Office can meet the women's professional needs; 3) to discuss with representatives of governmental and non-governmental international cooperation agencies the ways that women's level of participation in the audio-visual production sectors in Africa may be raised.

Femmes d'images de l'Afrique francophone, compiled by Najwa Tlili (Tunisia), was one of the direct results of this 1989 meeting.  The index brings together the biography and filmography of women in the cinema from "francophone" Africa, as well as a listing of other relevant contacts.  Another initiative inspired by the meeting was the creation of the "Images de femmes" (Images of Women) project, from which emerged the prize "Images de femmes" offered by ACCT and presented during the annual Vues d'Afrique.


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