Blogging African Women in Cinema

The main objective of the Blog is to showcase African women in the diverse areas of the moving image. This format is an effective way to profile emerging talents as they begin their experiences in cinema at the same time highlighting the trailblazers, pioneers and veterans--and those in various stages of their career. I am especially interested in making visible the important players that are often behind the scenes, such as producers, editors, film festival organizers, scriptwriters, media activists and advocates, and the many others involved in the filmmaking process. The posts may vary in length and frequency, as the purpose is to provide a portrait, at a glance. The choice of women or theme will be spontaneous, of course, privileging current events and topics; but also delving into the rich archives to foreground films and stories of the past.

The blog explores themes such as:

• The evolution of African women in cinema

• African women and the cinematic gaze

• African women’s visual imaginary

• The political economy of African women in the moving image

• The filmic representation of African women

• Women's voices

The blog follows current events relevant to African women in cinema such as:

• Festivals

• Films in progress

• Announcements for grants and funding

• Call for scripts and films

• Production related topics

• Academic topics such as conferences, panel discussions, articles and call for papers

And more…